9005 Two Notch Road , Ste 14 , Columbia, SC 29223, USA


Palmetto Youth Connection (PYC) is dedicated to leveraging the power of mentoring relationships to increase access to opportunities for all youth in the Columbia South Carolina area. We believe that developing strong relationships not only provide benefits for young people, but address a significant number of issues related to their success, i.e. educational attainment, career readiness, leadership skills and to be productive members of society . Since 2006 we have been working to provide mentoring services for middle, high school youth and College freshmen  students in an effort to help them with their education and too stay focus.  We had found if a student has someone in their life that is pushing them towards greatness they will succeed.  We understand that access to higher education is essential, but we believe quality mentoring is one of the most critical ways to get young people there and to help them be successful while they are there.

And PYC does this by addressing issues that could hold them back such as education, juvenile law, AIDS/HIV education, gangs, teen dating violence, sex trafficking awareness and Anti-Bullying.

Ladies Armed with Knowledge has partnered with the Red Sand Project in Honor of Sex Trafficking Awareness.  We will be at CVS 1005 Sams Crossing Road and Killian Road on January 2 handing out the Red Sand kits.  January 5 we want you to join us and spread awareness of Sex Trafficking in our communities.   

I will be handing out kits at CVS at Sams Crossing Road off Killian Road at 3pm.